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    • 1-year Wholesale Discount Membership
    • Life Long Vitality Supplement Kit
    • Yarrow|Pom Oil 30mL
    • Slim & Sassy Oil 15 mL
    • Metabolic Blend Softgels
    • Slim & Sassy Gum
    • Metabolic Challenge e-Book

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  • Testimonials

    Katie Delaney

    "Since starting this protocol 5 weeks ago and cutting sugar I am down 16 pounds!"

    Jodie House

    "I have been doing this morning and night for the past 4 weeks and I am down 4kg. I don't do any exercise as I have recently had my shoulder reconstructed. Haven't changed my diet either. I had a tub of ice-cream for dinner on Sunday night!!"

    Amanda Stewart

    "I lost 8 lbs in 3-4 weeks!"

    Britney Dickerson

    "I’ve went down a pants size taking two drops of yarrow Pom internally! I’ve been working out 4 days a week for a long time now and seemed like I plateaued. Started taking two drops of Yarrow Pom under my tongue every morning, and now I have to buy new pants because my old ones are too big!" 🤩
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