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  • Oregano Essential Oil

    The versatility of OREGANO Essential Oil is undeniable.
    This is an amazing Essential Oil that you can implement into your Essential Oil routine, and also use for your complete health and that of your loved ones.

  • Essential Oil Recipes for Everyday Beauty

    Taking a little time to make YOU a priority is important, even for the sake of those you love—you’re no good to anyone if you burn out entirely.
    And taking the time to cultivate and encourage your own Everyday Beauty is important!

  • Lime Essential Oil

    When paired with other oils, LIME can enhance the benefits of those other oils as well as create balance and synergy among Essential Oils in a blend.
    LIME blends well with Bergamot, Black Pepper and Rosemary and can be found in the Focus Blend and the Cleansing Blend.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

    ROSEMARY Essential Oil is used often in the many different food dishes, supports healthy digestion, supports healthy respiratory function, and helps to reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue.

  • Essential Oils and Pregnancy

    The first trimester of pregnancy starts an amazing transformation of your body.
    The most common changes in the first trimester are not the changing of the shape of your stomach, but smaller, sometimes invisible changes.

  • Essential Oil Recipes for Fighting Germs

    Essential Oils can play a valuable role when helping support your body’s natural response to germs and illness.
    We’ll cover a variety of ways to use these oils to help provide support to the body’s natural defenses.

  • Essential Oils and Cardiovascular Health

    The heart, circulatory system, the blood vessels, and the approximately five liters of blood that the blood vessels transport make up the cardiovascular system.
    The oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that bring life and health to all cells, also transport Essential Oils.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

    With 64 total components including linalool and linalyl acetate, LAVENDER’s benefits are many.
    Our LAVENDER Essential Oil is indigenous to the Provence region of France. Having been grown in the high altitudes, LAVENDER acquires elevated ester and sesquiterpene alcohol content, thereby increasing its helpful benefits.

  • Essential Oils for Thyroid Support

    Thyroid is part of the Endocrine System; It is responsible for secreting hormones that help balance mood, regulate metabolism, and maintain proper energy levels.

  • Essential Oils for Dental Health

    Did you know that good nutrition plays an important role in oral health as well?
    Getting the proper nutrients such as Vitamin C and Co-enzyme Q-10 (both important for oral health) through your diet can be a challenge

  • Beyond the Basic Essential Oils

    There are so many amazing Essential Oils and Blends that often take a backseat to those on various Top Ten lists.
    These oft-forgotten oils have unique aromas and properties of their own that can support you in countless ways.

  • Cleaning with Essential Oils

    Let's talk about some NATURAL ingredients that we can use to make CHEAPER, safer cleaners.
    Create your own safe and natural household cleaners with these supplies, many of which are probably sitting around your home already!

  • Cleanse and Detox with Essential Oils

    There are a multitude of TOXINS all around us.
    We breathe them in, we absorb them through our skin, we even eat them in our food.

  • Essential Oils for Toxin Free Living: Making Everyday Changes

    Did you know there are synthetic chemicals, toxins and free radicals in many of the beauty and personal products you use EVERY DAY?
    The same is true for many of the cleaners we use to keep our house germ-free and smelling fresh.

  • Essential Oil Recipes for Intimacy

    There’s rarely enough zip at the end of the day, and when everything finally shuts down, all you want to do is collapse into bed, hoping for immediate unconsciousness.

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  • Mary Hart - EO Expert

    I worked as a Pediatric Nurse at Children's Hospital, Certified in Post Anesthesia Meds in the PACU/OR.
    I am also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist for Health & Wellness + Certified in AromaTouch.
    I have long been devoted to helping others meet their health goals. In 1973, my story of losing over 90 pounds through Holistic Nutritional Guidance, inspired countless others to improve their health.
    I was a featured testimonial of Jack LaLanne's wellness program. Nutrition counseling for all age groups and health issues became her way of life.
    I also owned and served in multiple Nutrition Centers for 18 years.

    Then I returned to college to became a nurse at in many fields. I studied at UCSD Post Anesthesia Medications, Trained as a Surgical Tech; settled in San Diego Children's Hospital.

    I loved and served my patients there for another 12 years.
    I am is no stranger to personal health struggles.
    I retired 5 years due to having 2 strokes & a heart attack in 72 hours.

    My journey to recovery is my JOY again began the day I got started with dōTerra.
    Feel free to ask about my Health Struggles.
    My Passion is inspired with “How I can Help You?”

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