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    Essential Oils and Teenagers

    Transitioning from childhood into the adult years can be difficult, though.
    From dealing with body changes and the unsightly red bumps on your teen's face; to the pressures of new responsibility, you begin wondering, “where’s the fun in that?!?”

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    Essential Oils for Physical Fitness

    Are you physically active? Work out on a regular basis? Runner, yoga enthusiast, or dance fans? Got a gym membership? (And do you use it?) Are you becoming passionate about fitness?

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    Metabolic Blend

    The METABOLIC BLEND ~ AKA Slim & Sassy is a combination of 5 Essential Oils that help improve metabolism and help you reach your weight management goals.

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    Essential Oil Hacks

    What you may not realize is that many of your favorite Essential Oils lead secret double lives.
    From cleaning to hair care to cooking to skin care, from laundry room to bedroom to kids’ room, this class is FULL of helpful hacks for Essential Oil uses you’ve never considered.

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    Essential Oil Supplements for Natural Health and Wellness

    Everything we eat can effect changes in our bodies.
    That’s true whether the food we’re eating is supplying healthy nutrients, or is laden with preservatives and little nourishment.

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    Mary Hart - EO Expert

    I worked as a Pediatric Nurse at Children's Hospital, Certified in Post Anesthesia Meds in the PACU/OR.
    I am also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist for Health & Wellness + Certified in AromaTouch.
    I have long been devoted to helping others meet their health goals. In 1973, my story of losing over 90 pounds through Holistic Nutritional Guidance, inspired countless others to improve their health.
    I was a featured testimonial of Jack LaLanne's wellness program. Nutrition counseling for all age groups and health issues became her way of life.
    I also owned and served in multiple Nutrition Centers for 18 years.

    Then I returned to college to became a nurse at in many fields. I studied at UCSD Post Anesthesia Medications, Trained as a Surgical Tech; settled in San Diego Children's Hospital.

    I loved and served my patients there for another 12 years.
    I am is no stranger to personal health struggles.
    I retired 5 years due to having 2 strokes & a heart attack in 72 hours.

    My journey to recovery is my JOY again began the day I got started with dōTerra.
    Feel free to ask about my Health Struggles.
    My Passion is inspired with “How I can Help You?”